Takara Can Apple Chu-Hi

Her final line is: 「お酒は20歳に成ったらね。」 “Alcohol’s for when you turn 20.”

Chuhai (チューハイ or 酎ハイ, Chuhai) is an alcoholic drink originating from Japan. The name is derived from “shōchū highball” and is usually flavored with fruit or soda. It is a seasonal drink and can be served either hot or cold. The traditional chuhai is lemon flavored with a shochu base, though some modern commercial variants have a vodka base. The flavors available have recently also multiplied, including lime, grapefruit, apple, orange, pineapple, etc.

The legal drinking age is (informally) the minimum age at which people are legally allowed to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages in a given jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions set a minimum age on the customers licensed retailers of alcoholic beverages may sell alcohol to.

Japan: 20 years old

Rie Miyazawa (宮沢 りえ Miyazawa Rie, born April 6, 1973) was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised by her mother, as her Dutch father left when she was an infant. Since her debut at age eleven in an advertisement for Kit Kat, she has many films, television shows, commercials, stage appearances and photo books to her credit.

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