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Video Ichiban is a inscrutable mashup of the finest Japan-themed YouTube videos and the highest quality Wikipedia text.

This project sprang from an addiction to both YouTube and Wikipedia that I once developed. Watching one YouTube video lead to another, and quite often I wanted to know more about the video’s source or its background. YouTube posters or commentators rarely give enough or accurate enough information to satisfy my quest for trivia, so logically I was lead to Wikipedia. Often my Wikipedia research would lead me back to YouTube and the cycle would repeat itself, enjoyably eating several hours of my time. Both sites so obviously complement each other and so I decided to build a new site integrating the best content of both services. Since I live in Japan, I thought focusing on Japanese pop culture and trivia would be a good starting point.

I hope you enjoy Video Ichiban.

Please send comments and video suggestions to:

v i d e o AT v i d e o i c h i b a n DOT c o m

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