Brad Pitt rolls out of bed with Rolex

Evance Corp. (株式会社エバンス) is a Tokyo-based Japanese purveyor of timepieces.

Rolex SA is a Swiss manufacturer of mostly mechanical wristwatches and accessories renowned for their dependability, prestige, and cost (from a few thousand to more than one hundred thousand U.S. dollars). Rolex watches are considered status symbols by many in the general public. Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand by far, with estimated revenues of around US$ 3 billion (2003).

[Brad] Pitt was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma to Jane Etta (née Hillhouse), a high school counselor, and William Alvin Pitt, a truck company owner. Brad, brother Doug, and sister Julie Neal, grew up in Springfield, Missouri, where the family moved soon after Brad’s birth. Pitt was raised a Baptist. He attended Kickapoo High School, where he was involved in sports, debating, student government, and acting. He attended the Missouri School of Journalism at the University of Missouri – Columbia where he was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity.

Brad Pitt Fixes A Paper Jam With Roots Coffee

Canned coffee (缶コーヒー) or “can coffee” is ubiquitous in Japan, with a large number of companies competing fiercely and offering various types for sale. Japanese canned coffee is already brewed and ready to drink. It is available in supermarkets and convenience stores (コンビニ or “kombini”), with vast numbers of cans being sold in vending machines that offer heated cans in the fall and winter, and cold cans in the warm months.

[Brad] Pitt has appeared in television commercials in Asia, such as for Edwin Jeans, the Toyota Altis, and Japanese canned coffee, ROOTS.

Brad Pitt Walks On Water For SoftBank

[Brad] Pitt has appeared in television commercials in Asia, such as for Edwin Jeans, the Toyota Altis, and Japanese canned coffee, ROOTS.

The Sharp Aquos is a range of LCD televisions and component screens made by Sharp Corporation. It encompasses small, portable models (e.g. the 13″ B series) through to large, state-of-the-art screens (e.g. 65″ high-definition widescreen models) as well as component screens for many mobile devices such as the Sharp Aquos [911SH] phone distributed in Japan by [SoftBank Mobile].

SoftBank 911SH product page (Japanese)

Bent Fabricius-Bjerre (b. December 7, 1924)—better known for many years as Bent Fabric—is a Danish jazz and pop pianist and composer whose long career spanning numerous genres, and spare, lyric piano style, has often been overshadowed by his longtime signature composition and hit, the 1962 instrumental “Alley Cat.”

The 21st Century saw him make a comeback in pop music, under the stage name by which he’s best known, with a dance/pop project that leaned in part on modernising many of his earlier songs including “The Alley Cat.” The title track from the project, Jukebox, became a hit in his native Denmark, a chart-topper in Japan, and a sleeper hit in the United States; its title track was used in a Coca Cola campaign in Germany and now used on ten different soundtracks for American movies.