Russian Wasabi Sushi Battle

People unfamiliar with wasabi will expect wasabi to burn the tongue, hence, the sudden, searing pain in one’s sinuses will come as a shock to new consumers of the spice. However, the true wasabi makes the tongue feel cool. The eater will also naturally expect that more wasabi means a more intense pain, however it is the amount of wasabi vapor that reaches the sinuses that will determine how much pain one will experience. Sinus pain will start quickly, and end quickly; unlike habanero pepper, for instance, that will gradually reduce its painful intensity over time. People with particularly sensitive sinuses should use caution when eating wasabi since those with pre-existing conditions might experience sinus inflammation as a result of the irritation by the wasabi vapor.

Russian roulette is a name given to a potentially lethal form of gambling. The game is so rare as to be almost mythical there are far more depictions of the game in film and literature than there are real games which have ever taken place. Participants of Russian Roulette place a single round in a chamber of a revolver. A revolver almost always contains six chambers, and once the round is placed, the cylinder is spun rapidly and then closed (put back into the gun) so that the identity of the loaded chamber is unknown to anyone. The player then places the revolver to his temple and pulls the trigger, accepting a one in six chance of death. The game is played for various reasons, often as a form of high-stakes gambling before a crowd of bettors, or sometimes as a show of bravado before a witness or as a form of less-culpable suicide, performed alone or with others. Russian Roulette is a highly secretive practice, and the number of deaths caused by it is unknown although likely to be negligible as the game owes more to urban myth than reality.

Taped Up Cat

The Japanese Bobtail is a breed of cat with an unusual ‘bobbed’ tail more closely resembling the tail of a rabbit than that of an ordinary feline. The short tail is caused by the expression of a recessive gene. Thus, so long as both parents are bobtails, all kittens born to a litter will have bobtails as well. Unlike the Manx and other cat breeds, where genetic disorders are common to tailless or stumpy-tails, no such problem exists with the Japanese Bobtail.

Duct tape, in the USA, is a strong, fabric-based, multi-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. It is generally silver or black in color but many other colors, like transparent, have recently become available. Duct tape is usually 1.88 inches (48 mm) wide. It was originally developed during World War II in 1942 as a waterproof sealing tape for ammunition cases.

Cyril Takayama Old Age Prank

Cyril Takayama (born 1973) is a Japanese/French American illusionist, born and raised in Hollywood, California. He is perhaps best known for his street magic performances in Japan. His father is of Okinawan descent, while his mother is French-Moroccan.

Like other postindustrial countries, Japan faces the problems associated with an aging population. In 1989, only 11.6 % of the population was sixty-five years or older, but projections were that 25.6 % would be in that age category by 2030. That shift will make Japan one of the world’s most elderly societies, and the change will have taken place in a shorter span of time than in any other country.