Cameron Diaz SoftBank Sugar Town

Cameron Michelle Diaz (born August 30, 1972) is a Golden Globe Award-nominated American actress and former fashion model.

Sugar Town” was a 1966 song performed by American singer Nancy Sinatra, the daughter of Frank Sinatra.

SoftBank Corp. (ソフトバンク株式会社, Sofutobanku Kabushiki-gaisha) is a leading Japanese telecommunications and media corporation, with operations in broadband, fixed-line telecommunications, e-Commerce, Internet, broadmedia, technology services, finance, media and marketing, and other businesses.

Sylvester Stallone Ito Ham

His brief speaking part is: 「美味しいさ、ありがとう。」 (“It’s delicious, thank you.”)

Sylvester Stallone (born July 6, 1946) is an Academy Award-nominated American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He achieved his greatest successes in a number of action films, notably the Rocky and Rambo series. He is often referred to by his nickname, “Sly”.

In Japan, souvenirs are known as omiyage and tend to be candies or other edibles to be shared with co-workers or meibutsu (famous products associated with a particular region). Omiyage sales are big business at Japanese tourist sites. Many train stations carry such gifts so that travelers can buy last-minute omiyage before returning home.

Technically, ham is the thigh and buttock of any animal that is slaughtered for meat, but the term is usually restricted to a cut of pork, the haunch of a pig or boar. Although it can be cooked and served fresh, most ham is cured in some fashion. It is a common deli meat.

Meg Ryan Nohohon Tea

The tea’s name Nohohon (のほほん) has a similar meaning as “happy-go-lucky” or “laid back”.

Meg Ryan (born Margaret Mary Emily Hyra on November 19, 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut) is an American actress who specializes in romantic comedies, but has also worked in other film genres.

Suntory Limited (サントリー株式会社, Santorī Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese brewing and distilling company. Established in 1899, it is one of the oldest companies in the distribution of alcoholic beverages. Its business has expanded to other fields, and the company now offers everything from soft drinks to vintage wines. Suntory is headquartered in Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka prefecture.