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Candies Sing Haru Ichiban

“Haru Ichiban” (春一番, First Storm of Spring) is the ninth single release by Japanese girl group Candies, released on March 1, 1976. This was the group’s trademark song.

Yoshiko Tanaka (田中 好子 Tanaka Yoshiko, April 8, 1956 – April 21, 2011) was a Japanese actress. She was also famous as a member of the pop group Candies. While a member of Candies, Tanaka was known by the nickname “Sue” (スーちゃん SÅ«-chan). In 1991, she married golfer Kazuo Odate, and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. In October 2010, Tanaka’s cancer relapsed and she died on April 21, 2011. She was 55 years old at the time of her death.