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Pankun and James make Sanuki Udon

Udon (饂飩 (うどん), Udon) is a type of thick wheat-flour noodle popular in Japanese cuisine. Sanuki (讃岐) udon is a thick and rather stiff type [of undon] from Kagawa Prefecture.

Pankun, (sometimes spelled pan-kun) is a young chimpanzee in Japan often featured on the NTV television show “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsu-en” (“天才!志村動物園”, lit. “Genius! Shimura Zoo”) and the TBS program “Doubutsu Kisou Tengai!” (“動物園奇想天外!”, lit. “Unbelievable Animals!”). Most of the segments feature him and his bulldog friend, James, embarking on a variety of “human” tasks, like buying groceries, planting a rice paddy, or catching insects.