Sony HiTBiT Word Processor HW-30

HitBit(ひっとびっと)はソニーが1980年代に使用していたパソコン及びその周辺機器・対応ソフトのブランド名。 由来は「ヒット」するように+コンピュータの記憶単位である「ビット」、及び「人々」。TVCMや雑誌広告での謳い文句は「人々のヒットビット」。イメージキャラクターに松田聖子を起用したことでも知られる。

Translation: HitBit is the name of a personal computer series that Sony marketed during the 1980s. A “hit” is what Sony wanted, “bit” refers to the computer memory unit, and “[the] people.” The catchphrase used in television commercials and magazine advertising was “[the] people’s hit bit.” Seiko Matsuda was the spokesperson for this marketing campaign.

Seiko Matsuda (松田聖子, Matsuda Seiko, born Kamachi Noriko, 蒲池法子, on March 10, 1962) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter. Born in Kurume, Fukuoka, she rose to fame in 1980 as a teen idol, making her debut with the song “Hadashi no Kisetsu”. Later in the same year, “Kaze wa Aki-iro” became the first of her 24 consecutive #1 hits in Japan.

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