Sega Videogame SG-1000

The SG-1000 (エスジー・セン Esujī Sen), also known as the Sega Game 1000, is a cartridge-based home video game console manufactured by Sega and released in Japan, Australia, and other countries. This system marked Sega’s first entry into the home video game hardware business, and provided the basis for the more successful Master System. First introduced in 1983, the SG-1000 was released on the same day that Nintendo released the Famicom in Japan.

In 1982, Sega‘s revenues would surpass $214 million, and they introduced the industry’s first three-dimensional game, SubRoc 3D. The following year, an overabundance of arcade games led to the video game crash, causing Sega’s revenues to drop to $136 million.

斉藤 祐子(さいとう ゆうこ、1960年3月9日 – )は、日本の女性声優、タレント、元お笑い芸人。81プロデュース所属。京都府綾部市出身。 血液型はB型、身長153cm。

Translation: Yuko Saito (born March 9, 1960) is a Japanese voice actor, TV personality, and former comedienne. She was born in Ayabeshi City, Kyoto Prefecture, has blood type B, and is 153cm tall. She is represented by the 81 Produce talent agency.

Dreamcast Sega Rally 2 Drifting

Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels, while maintaining control from entry to exit of a corner.

Sega Rally 2 (セガラリー2) is an arcade racing game developed by Sega AM5 for the Model 3 arcade hardware. It is the sequel to 1994’s Sega Rally Championship. Sega Rally 2 was first released in arcades in February 1998, and was later ported by Smilebit to the Sega Dreamcast, becoming one of the console’s earliest titles when it was released in Japan on January 28, 1999.

The Dreamcast (ドリームキャスト Dorīmukyasuto) is a video game console that was released by Sega in November 1998 in Japan and later in 1999 in other territories.

Sega Corporation (株式会社セガ Kabushiki gaisha Sega) is a Japanese multinational video game developer, publisher and hardware development company headquartered in Japan, with various offices around the world. Sega’s roots can be traced back to a company based in Honolulu, Hawaii named Service Games, which began operations in 1940.