Mini Moni Dramatic Prairie Dog

Dramatic Prairie Dog — A brief GIF turned into a video from the website of a standing prairie dog turning its head suddenly toward the camera, with a quick zoom-in on its face. The clip was excerpted from an 2001 appearance by J-pop group MiniMoni on the Japanese TV show Hello! Morning. Various spoofs have been made of the prairie dog in different situations.

Mini Moni (ミニモニ。, Mini Moni also known as Minimoni., mini-moni., etc.) was a subgroup of J-pop girl group Morning Musume. They were one of Morning Musume’s most popular subgroups for their entire existence, because of the combination of their outrageous music videos and live performances, their vocal harmonies, and their widely varied musical styles.

The prairie dog (Cynomys) is a small, burrowing rodent native to the grasslands of North America. On average, this stout-bodied rodent will grow to be between 12 and 16 inches (30 and 40 cm) long, including its short tail. They are found in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In the United States, prairie dogs are primarily found west of the Mississippi River, though they have also been introduced in a few eastern locales.

Morning Musume Mushroom Madness

Matsutake (松茸) is the common name for a group of mushrooms in Japan. It has been an important element of Japanese cuisine for at least 1,000 years. The tradition of mushroom giving persists today in Japan’s corporate world, and a gift of matsutake is considered special and is cherished by those who receive it.

Morning Musume (モーニング娘。, Mōningu Musume) is a popular all-girl J-pop group from Japan that often changes its members. It is also known as “Momusu” (モー娘。, Mōmusu.). Their act revolves around singing and dancing to generally upbeat melodies. They are the lead group of the Hello! Project, masterminded by Tsunku.