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Nissin Chikin Ramen (チキンラーメン) is a noodle brand and the first marketed brand of Japanese instant noodles produced by Nissin Foods since 1958. It was invented by Momofuku Ando after he saw how to cook tempura in his house in Ikeda, Osaka.

A chick is a bird that has not yet reached adulthood.

A clothes line or washing line is any type of rope, cord, or twine that has been stretched between two points (e.g. two sticks), outside or indoors, above the level of the ground. Clothing that has recently been washed is hung along the line to dry, using clothes pegs or clothespins.

Mana Ashida (芦田 愛菜 Ashida Mana, born 23 June 2004) is a Japanese child actress, tarento and singer from Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.