Namco Karnov Family Tennis Star Wars

Namco was founded in Tokyo in 1955, by Masaya Nakamura under the name Nakamura Manufacturing Ltd. It began by producing mechanical rocking-horses and similar children’s rides, which were installed in a number of department stores in Yokohama and Nihonbashi. It continued this line of production through the 1960s, and expanded with the addition of rides modeled after Walt Disney characters in 1966.

Karnov is a video game by Data East from 1987. It was originally released as an arcade game; an NES version followed, along with various other versions. The game puts the bulging muscled, fire-breathing, ex-circus strongman east-Russian (Asian) hero on a quest to search for treasures. However, between him and the treasures were several horrendous monsters, including sword wielding monks, jinns, foot hopping giant fishes and ostrich-riding skeleton warriors.

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